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Our biggest priority is quality, we make sure our filters fit your every need, and that they are made correctly.  We guarantee that you will not be disappointed using a filter from us.





Our machines spin daily and spin to fit every customer need.  No matter how big the job is, we can get it done. 


Quick Turnaround


Quick Turnaround

We guarantee that when you order from us, you will receive your products quickly and correctly. Quality is our biggest goal, but we always make sure to get the job done so you don't have to wait.

About JFPI

Johnson Filtration Products, Inc
and our worldwide distribution network, have been providing filtration solutions since 1984.

We produce a full line of wound and rolled filter elements that are used to filter all types of liquid and air.

Our specialized equipment allows us the greatest flexibility in designing filters for filtration applications.

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We have over 34 years of experience

We are problem solvers.  Our filters provide some of the highest qualities for your filtration needs.

Our team offers the most up-to-date, sustainable, manufacturing solutions. teachings of the great explorer of the truth. We only source materials from trusted suppliers.

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