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Test Results for JEP5R10P

A total of 9 oz. of Arizona coarse dust was added the differential pressure of 30 PSI was reached. A total of 109 gallons were filtered, over an elapsed time of 62 minutes, and final flow was 1.4 GPM. In conclusion, JEP5R10P had the dirt holding capacity of 9 ozs. The cartridge was still flowing clear effluent.

This test shows conclusively that some of the claims being made by other companies are unfounded. The results show that unloading did not occur, and the results were significantly higher than the competition has claimed. Therefore the cost per gallon of filtration is substantially cheaper, approximately $.02/per gallon.

This is the proof that you have been asking for to counter competitions claims. We have no desire to get into this battle of claims and counter claims. We ask that you and your customer determine the best results by testing yourself. Each application is totally different and should be regarded as such.

This precision depth wound market has been constantly attacked as old technology and not as efficient. This is totally unfounded. It is a tried and true product that has passed the test of time. With new advances constantly being made and introduced, these products will continue to be useful and economical. Why use a $100 filter cartridge when a $5.00 cartridge will do the same function, just as effectively.

It is the purpose of Johnson Filtration Products, Inc. to provide our distributors and their customers the best quality and most economical filtration products available. By your continued support and input, we will continue to do so.

Filter Element Test Results

Test Parameters

Type Test:
  Singlepass Filtration Efficiency ASTM F795
Type Fluid: Mil-11-5606 Oil
Flow Rate:  3 GPM
Final Differential Pressure: 25 PSI
Contaminant: AC Fine Dust
UPST Gravimetric Level: 9.98 MG/L

Filter Description

Media: Polypropylene
Core: Polypropylene
Particle Retention Rating: 5
Length: 10"
O.D: 2.5"

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