Cartridges for Big Blue Vessels

Cartridges for Big Blue Vessels


These cartridges are manufactured using larger O.D.'s than standard for greater flow and dirt holding capacity to fit Big Blue vessels or larger capacity vessels.

Primarily manufactured from econ polypropylene (industrial JEP), FDA polypropylene (JP), and fibrillated polypropylene (non-foaming JF) on polypropylene cores (P), but can be manufactured using other types of media's and core materials. Two size O.D.'s are standard; (4") O.D. (B) and (4-1/2") O.D. (W), but again can be manufactured to O.D.'s up to (5-3/4"). Two lengths available; (9-7/8") (97) and (20"), if other lengths are needed please contact plant.

Effects of Acids/Alkalis:

Ideal for acids, alcohol's, ammonia's, oils, plating solutions, beverages and water for the industrial, commercial and residential marketplace.

Maximum Temperature:

Suggested max temperature rating using polypropylene media is 200º F, core collapse is 135-140 PSI @ 74ºF, and suggested recommended changeout is 30 P.


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