Compound Wind Filter Cartridges

Compound Wind Filter Cartridges


Also known by names such as "Graded Density", "Multi-Winds", and "Compound Wind", this filter cartridge extends life and efficiency of the cartridge.

What in effect is being done, is the use of two different micron retention's being used on the same filter cartridge. For example, a 1-micron winding pattern would be wound as an inner wind of the filter cartridge, then a 50-micron winding pattern would be then be wound as the outer wind. This would give the user the ability to trap larger particulates as well as smaller particulates. This filter is becoming very popular in the market place today. In some applications it is replacing multi-stage filtration, reducing the cost of filtration.

Normally the smaller micron retention size is wound as the inner wind and the larger micron retention size is wound on the outer wind. This can be reversed depending upon the application. JFPI can be manufactured using different types of media's, on different types of cores, to different size O.D.'s, and lengths. It is possible to wind one type of media to particular micron retention and wind another type of media to different micron retentions. Different end treatments, end caps and configurations can be installed.

Normally used with either FDA cotton or polypropylene media's, but can be used with other media's. Available normally 2-3/4" O.D., but again can be manufactured larger or smaller O.D.'s. Lengths range from 3-5/8" to 40". JFPI manufactures (3) different types of activated carbon cartridges; activated carbon paper (JPACP polypropylene, JCACP cotton), activated carbon granular (JPACG polypropylene, JCACG cotton), and activated carbon matrix (JACM).

Typical Applications:

• Aerospace
• Beverage
• Electronics
• Food and Drug
• Medical
• Municipalities
• Oil and Gas
• Petro/Chemical
• Photographic
• Power Plants
• Scientific/Research
• Water Waste Treatment

Maximum Temperature:

Recommended max temperature when used with Cotton Media - 300º F, depending upon the type of core used, and with Polypropylene Media - 200º.


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