Polypropylene End Adapters

Polypropylene End Adapters

Polypro Core Extender:

Application is to help align and stabilize filter cartridge in vessel housing. Locks into polypropylene center tube by (4) locking hooks. Can be field installed. Has 1-1/4" extension.

Polypro Spring:

Spring that becomes an integral part of the filter cartridge, eliminating the need for separate springs & seals. Used in many applications where hazardous chemicals are used, eliminating the need for personnel handling components that have been exposed and becoming contaminated. Has 2-1/8" extension.

Polypro Spear:

Also called bayonet or fin. This (3) prong adapter used to help align and stabilize filter cartridge in vessel housing. Can be used in conjunction with -222, -226, or polypro core extender. Has 2" extension.

All (3) adapters are manufactured from pure polypropylene materials, rated at a maximum temperature of 200ºF, 60 PSI. Normally used on polypropylene
media, polypropylene center tube, 2-1/2" O.D. Available in 10", 20", 30" & 40" lengths. Polypro spring and polypro spear adapters are applied using a patented JFPI process that thermally bonds polypro adapter to polypro media, thereby not affecting the chemical compatibility of components.


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