Roughneck Filter Cartridges

Roughneck Filter Cartridges


Manufactured to compete with 36" "SOCK TYPE" filter cartridges commonly referred to as 336 series.
Mainly used in the petrochemical industry or oilfield. You might hear it referred to as "Wildcatter", "336", "Louisiana Special", etc.

It has 3" O.D., 1-5/8" I.D., either 18", 36" or 72" lengths are most popular. Generally manufactured using natural cotton (U), or econ (industrial EP) polypropylene on spiral steel (L) or heavy wall polypropylene (PR) core. A wide range of micron retentions's available, from (1) to (100) micron.

Continuous wind pattern prevents the possibility of by-passing from occurring or channeling and an even flow over the entire length of the filter cartridge. All cartridges are manufactured to the exact same length to maintain uniform sealing when filter cartridges are installed in the vessel.

By maintaining strict quality controls standards, a uniform cartridge is manufactured consistently from cartridge
to cartridge, assuring you of uniform performance and long life. This enables JFPI's roughneck cartridge to trap contaminates in a unique shaped diamond pattern; thereby allowing the entire
cartridge to become loaded, instead of just the surface. We can also compound wind this filter cartridge to prolong the life and extend filtration efficiency.


Can be manufactured using other media's, cores, micron sizes, O.D.'s, end treatments, adapters, compound winds, lengths, springs, metal caps, and activated carbon for removing hydrocarbons.


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