-222 O' Ring Adapter & -226 O' Ring Adapter

-222 O' Ring Adapter & -226 O' Ring Adapter


Polypropylene -222 & -226 O' ring adapters are designed to be used with housings that require this arrangement for tighter sealing capabilities.

One end of the filter has solid polypropylene end cap that blinds this end off, the other end has either -222 or -226 (bayonet locking closure) polypropylene adapter. This enables the -222 or -226 end to seal into the vessel housing, allowing a greater positive sealing arrangement. Basically used on 10 micron and below to obtain better filtration characteristics than use with gaskets. Uses two O' rings, normally of Buna N material, but depending upon the application, Teflon, EPDM, Viton O' rings can be substituted.

Length of -222 adapter is 7/8" (.875), 1-11/16" (1.6875) O.D., with 1-1/8" (1.125) I.D. Length of -226 adapter is 29/32" (.90625), 2-1/4" O.D., with 1" I.D and locking closure. To be used on 2-1/2" (2.50) O.D. cartridges, normally of polypropylene media. Available in 10", 20", 30", 40" lengths.

Maximum Temperature:

Manufactured from pure polypropylene with suggested maximum temperature is 200ºF. These adapters are applied using patented JFPI process that thermally
bonds polypro adapter to polypro media, thereby not effecting chemical compatibility of components.


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