Cotton Media Cartridges

Cotton Media Filter Cartridges


A unicellular, natural fiber composed of almost pure cellulose. As taken from plants, the fiber is found in lengths of 3/8" to 2".
The fiber is then bleached to meet FDA requirements. JFPI manufactures. (3) types of cotton media; bleached (C), white (EC) (industrial) and natural (U). Bleaching
is done using sodium hypochlorite as the bleaching agent followed by a hydrogen peroxide/water rinse. Independent tests have confirmed that there are no residual hypochlorite/peroxides in bleached products. Beginning to make a strong comeback in the marketplace due to being a natural product, not man-made, therefore it is bio-degradable.

Effects of Acids/Alkalis:

Good resistance to organic acids, poor resistance to mineral acids. Good resistance to mild alkalis. Poor compatibility to micro-organisms.

Typical Applications:

• Meets FDA requirements for potable liquids (Bleached)
• Dilute Acids
• Beverages
• Organic solvents
• Petroleum oils
• Vegetable oils

Maximum Temperature:

300º F/148º C depending upon the type of core used.


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