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Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges

Primarily used to remove trace organics amenable to adsorption: - Aromatic Solvents (i.e., Benzene, Toulene, Xylene) - Polynuclear Aromatics (i.e., Naphthalene, Biphenyl's) - Chlorinated Aromatics (i.e., Chlorobenzene, PCB's, Aldrin, Endrin, Toxaphene, DDT) - Phenolics (i.e., Phenol, Cresol, Resorcinol) - High Molecular Weight Aliphatic Amines and Aromatic Amines (i.e., Aniline, Toulene, Daimine) - High Molecular Weight Ketones, Esters, Ethers, and Alcohol's (i.e., Dextran, Polyethylene) - Surfactants (i.e., Alkyl Benzene Sulfonates) - Soluble Organic Dyes (i.e., Methylene Blue, Textile Dyes) - Fuels (i.e., Gasoline, Kerosene, Oil) - Chlorinated Solvents(i.e., Carbon Tetrachloride, Perchlorethylene) - Aliphatic and Aromatic Acids (i.e., Tar Acids, Benzonic Acids). Also used for efficient dechlorination, tastes, and odors.

Typical Applications:

  • Chemical discoloration
  • Graphic & Illustration
  • Petroleum (hydrocarbons)
  • Plating
  • Photographic
  • Water Filtration
Effects of Acids/Alkalis:

Normally used with either FDA cotton or polypropylene media's, but can be used with other media's. Available normally 2-3/4' O.D., but again can be manufactured larger or smaller O.D.'s. Lengths range from 3-5/8' to 40'. Recommended max. temperature when used with Cottom media 300º F, depending upon type of core used, and Polyproplylene media 200º. JFPI manufactures (3) different types of activated carbon cartridges; activated carbon paper (JPACP polypropylene, JCACP cotton), activated carbon granular (JPACG polypropylene, JCACG cotton), and activated carbon matrix (JACM).

Maximum Temperature:


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Information and data presented here is believed to be reliable but is not a warranty of product performance. Verification testing is
recommended to determine suitability for any particular use. Actual cartridge performance will vary with liquid conditions. Product
characterizations are based on the average performance of duplicate cartridge samples selected at random.


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